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Welcome to vaanxpenelo! This is a fan community for Vaan/Penelo of the Square-Enix game, Final Fantasy XII, whether you prefer to see their relationship as romantic or non-romantic. Membership is open to everyone, and all posts are unmoderated. I trust your judgement, guys. Feel free to post whatever you wish here, whether it be fanfic, fanart, icons, vids, cosplay, discussion... whatever. As long as it relates to Vaan/Penelo in some kind of way, it's completely welcome!
01: SPOILERS. Spoilers are no longer required to go behind an lj-cut. The game has been out long enough that most people should have had a chance to play it. You are still welcome to place them behind an lj-cut if you wish, however. If you do not know how to use an lj-cut, the faq is here.

02: Everything in this community must relate to Vaan/Penelo in some way. If it's just for FFXII in general, you're better off posting at finalfantasy12.

03: If you are posting icons, please post no more than three as teasers. Place all the rest behind a cut (or a link leading to the post, more likely).

04: Community promotions are allowed for Final Fantasy XII related comms only. I don't want to see a million random promotions here. Also, no multi-fandom or off-site rp promotions. You may promote a livejournal based rp if it is FFXII-centric only.

05: No drama, pairing wars, trolling, or wank. Please.

06: Use proper english when typing. No netspeak or l337, please.

07: There is a header required for any fanfic or fanart you post:
  • Title: (please at least say "untitled" if you don't have one)
  • Characters/Pairing: (if any other than Vaan/Penelo)
  • Rating: (must be something more than SWF or NSFW, but I don't care what actual system you use)
  • Warnings/Notes: (optional)
  • Summary: (optional)

  • 08: Disabling comments. It may seem like a simple, unimportant thing, but it drives me crazy. Do not do it. If I need to contact you for something regarding your post, I'd rather not have to go all the way over to your journal to do so.

    If your post does not follow one of these rules, you will get a warning. If you are continually breaking the rules then you will be banned. Mods reserve the right to change the rules at any time. I promise I'm a nice person, really |D
    replica: the founder/maintainer. she lurks more often than not, but she is around to enforce rules (and yes, when talking about herself, she has a tendency to talk in third-person). Please feel free to contact her with any questions or concerns! You can email her at replica [at] livejournal [dot] com, or leave her an lj comment on her public posts.

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